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Lettering I did for a label. Made it as a poster.

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Truer words haven’t been said

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Sorry Bale but… Michael Katon was the original one

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Never enough sleep

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Derek Riggs, one of my favorite illustrator of all time. Most famous for his collaboration with British Heavy Metal band Iron Maiden. He was the creator of their mascot, “Eddie” who became a prominent character depicted on almost every Iron Maiden cover. His artwork has a grandiose and mystic appeal to the viewer making it impossible not to stare at it gore for the fine details.

Behold the glory of the Iron Maiden’s “Somewhere In Time” album cover and try to find Batman!

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A new web series chronicling the adventures of a young Bruce Wayne, exploring his evolution as Batman, his struggle to clean up the streets of Gotham City and avenge his parents’ death

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Seventy years of Batman logo evolution

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2001: A Space Odyssey by Jason Heatherly

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Where dragons dwell #ljubljana #slovenia #statue #art #streetphoto #dragon #mythology #instacool #photography #pictureoftheday

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Ovaj grad zna da tvita! Limited edition print I did for the first official tweetup in my town.